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Free Video Makeover

Understand your needs and make it real.

A vidoe makeover tool used to create, edit and enhamce the videos.
A graphical represtation of a man working on his laptop and with  video editing ideas on his mind.

Show your capabilities

Use video to tell prospective customers about your capabilities and great service. Keep it in brand, and re-enforce your messaging.

A graphical representation of a computer screen showing various apps and website page.

Tell your business story

Narrate your business process with a voice overlay. Help prospects understand the different choices in your product lines, and make an informed decision. Make sure your story is consistently delivered to new opportunities.

A graphical representation of editing a reel with a scissor

Monitor your views 

Find out what is successful, and who is watching your video. Drive traffic to this easy to digest medium for new customers and prospects.

A video color correction tool.


Get your free video makeover

If you make your own videos, Interamark will help you get started by providing a free (limited to 4 hours of work)  makeover of your video. We will improve the audio and visuals including:

  • Color Correction

  • Letter Boxing

  • Titles and Logos Animation

  • Outro Animation

  • Intro Animation

  • Final Render

  • Special Effects

  • Editing and Composition

  • Edit/Add Sound & Music

  • Add Markers

  • Final render


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