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Marketing Collateral

Interamark creates marketing collateral based on a thorough understanding of client objectives and a drive to deliver work that exceeds expectations. We develop case studies, brochures, sales training material, direct mail, signage, playbooks, booth graphics, and offer differing levels of support to meet your needs.

Bring us your ideas and concepts; we will turn them into well-designed marketing collateral with compelling imagery and copy that resonates with your customers. We are a full-service agency, supporting you throughout the process—from concept to print production—creating high-quality marketing materials that get results.

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Different presentations have different needs and approaches, but all must communicate effectively with your customers – increasing sales opportunities and adding to your bottom line. Interamark has been creating effective presentations for our clients for many years, across various industries and vertical markets. Regardless of the type of presentation work you need, Interamark has a solution to meet your specific requirements.

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Interactive Media

Interamark’s interactive media solutions help you deliver dynamic experiences to your customers, sales teams, and more. Our team works closely with you to create the right solution for your specific criteria.

Our fast, cost-effective interactive media development has been designed to minimize the impact to your team. We coordinate all the moving parts involved in production to make the job easy on you.

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Exclusive PowerPitch

Interamark’s PowerPitch suite is an industry-first solution, developed to deliver consistent messaging from marketing to sales, and from sales to your customers.

Simply posting or emailing a presentation often does not tell the whole story – and places a burden of responsibility on the viewer to fill in the blanks.

PowerPitch solves this by providing compelling, professional-quality narration to a self-playing presentation. Additionally, to help sales or customers understand more, we can provide context-sensitive content with each slide.

PowerPitch allows you to cost-effectively transform everyday presentations into videos that significantly promote learning and retention of material.

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Video Production

Video is a way to humanize communication over the web. Whether you need to add video to your website, capture footage at an upcoming conference, or create an entertaining story to share across your social media network, Interamark can help. Typically, we take on projects end to end, including pre-planning, filming, and post-production. But we can also step in if you have existing footage that you'd like to edit or recut into something new. Because the medium offers tremendous versatility, we can essentially turn any story into a video. Here are just a few ideas of what's possible:

  • Case studies

  • Product demonstrations

  • Interviews

  • Company overviews

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