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Interamark is proud to highlight a sampling of our marketing work from over the years. Explore our portfolio by clicking any of the links below. If you like what you see, contact us and let's explore what we can do for your company.

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Inbound Marketing

West Coast Shipping

This international shipping company came to us with a singular problem to solve – they needed more sales from their website. We worked closely with them to develop a comprehensive Inbound Marketing plan that would help drive more traffic to their site and provide sales with qualified leads. We optimized their site and developed enhanced content - designed to attract the right customers.


Larson Packaging Company

Larson Packaging came to us to help with a website overhaul. Their site hadn’t been updated for ten years, so they were (beyond) ready for a refresh. We worked with them on site design, usability, and more – creating a new site with optimized content, a better user experience, and an advanced lead capture system that’s ready to funnel qualified leads to sales.


Yobi Adventures

Yobi Adventures needed help launching a new marketplace startup on fishing services. They were challenged because very different marketing tactics were required for suppliers and consumers. They needed to capture fishing outfitters to add to the community and they needed anglers who would buy these services. Using the HubSpot Platform, Interamark built a two-prong marketing campaign designed to attract outfitters while reeling in new anglers.


Campaigns & Programs

Comport Technology

Comport Technology Solutions, a SaaS provider and reseller ran a campaign for SimpliVity infrastructure solutions. Interamark designed, wrote and managed a campaign including promotional eBook, landing pages, blogs, emails, infographic, and case studies.

Cisco Connected Justice

Targeting customers across the justice system, from law enforcement to judges to prison administration, these Cisco Connected Justice assets promote solution value via a variety of communications vehicles, including email templates, presentations, brochures—and even sales-enablement tools to coordinate marketing messages with selling phases.

Ruckus Wireless

Ruckus Wireless asked for Interamark's help to develop the look and feel of their packaging, icons, brochures, and more. We helped create an overall campaign that worked well with their existing brand and added a new level of professionalism that helped further advance their position in the market.


Sales Enablement

Cisco Partner Group - Lifecycle Marketing Toolkit

One of our Cisco channel clients needed a tool/document they could distribute to their partners that would enable those partners to sell Cisco products and services appropriate to any phase in the customer lifecycle. Interamark worked with the client to develop content, create wireframes, and finalize a robust, interactive PDF that was shared with partners worldwide.

8x8 Healthcare

8x8 is a provider of virtual office solutions that was launching a new campaign for healthcare. As part of the sales training solutions, we created a training presentation identifying the key messaging and introducing campaign materials.

Sortimo Sales Tools

Sortimo, a high-end vehicle up-fitter from Germany, wanted to increase sales in North America. We worked with their team to develop content for a sales guide and presentation, both of which were necessary to improve messaging and train their teams.



Larson Packaging Company

Larson came to Interamark seeking to overhaul their brand. We began our work with them by developing a new strategic direction, then translated that into various deliverables that reflected their improved customer promise.

Redwood Packaging

Redwood Packaging, a premier provider of specialized packaging solutions for high-tech companies, wanted to break into new markets while preserving their small-town heritage and spirit. Interamark helped them reinvent their branding, visual identity, website, as well as sales brochure and presentation, so that the face of the company balances innovation and sophistication with familiarity and warmth.


StorSimple (now owned by Microsoft) was a tech start-up when they asked us to help develop their company’s brand. We worked with them on their logo, website architecture and design, created icon sets, presentation templates, business cards, and more.


Marketing Collateral

Ichor Systems Brochure

WYW Infographic


Maddox Method Brochure

Cisco SLG Cloud Interactive AAG



NWN Cloud

Cisco Learning Society

Cisco Live

8x8 Healthcare


Interactive Media


Healthiest You



Hyperconverged Infographic




Alcatel-Lucent LTE



Cisco Retail Trade Show





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