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Grow Your Business Beyond Word-of-Mouth

Update your professional image.

Update Your
Professional Image

Highlight your unique capabilities, and project your brand across your customer's journey.

Find new customers.

Find New

Execute a focused campaign to target new customers who will benefit from your products and services.

Close more sales.

Close More

Develop tools to have consistent, effective sales meetings with prospects.

What is Interactive Marketing?

The focus of interactive marketing is on the unique behaviours of each individual consumer and prospect. Interactive marketing is a significant departure from conventional campaign-based marketing strategies since it involves marketing endeavours that are prompted by consumer behaviours and preferences. Interactive marketing is a customer-centric strategy that entails responding to customer activities and making an effort to fulfil their expectations and requests.

Types of Interactive Marketing

Several initiatives fall under the category of interactive marketing. Dynamic content, such as tailored content, layered information, and two-way interactivity, allows marketers to communicate with consumers. 

Interactive Storytelling

Marketers may take advantage of possibilities to be as dynamic as possible with their content. For example, they might add an animation or infographic to a blog post or make native advertising with a storytelling foundation and mixed media components. Long-form blogs and sophisticated landing pages can be broken up with text sections, audio and video segments, and interactive elements that encourage sharing and information discovery.



Personalized Content

Deliver customised, pertinent content and offers by utilising cutting-edge technology to acquire insights into clients' demographics, regional information, lifecycle information, and more. The most memorable encounters for your consumers can be made when you are as knowledgeable as you can be about them personally. When material is adequately tailored, customers will relate to it more deeply and be more likely to interact with it by sharing it.

Layered Information

Marketing professionals now place a high premium on educating consumers, and interactive marketing is a clever approach to do this by gradually releasing more in-depth knowledge to users. Marketers can use fast, easy-to-read quick takes to provide tidbits of information, and then give more in-depth, educational content in other layers to audience members who want to know as much as they can about a topic.



Two-Way Interaction

Because they provide customers with a means of active participation, two-way interaction efforts are at the core of interactive marketing. For instance, interactive tools like games, calculators, quizzes, branching content, and interactive films give the viewer a more engaging experience.

Grow Your Business Beyond Word-of-Mouth

We provide everything from developing a visual story that highlights the unique capabilities of your business to delivering your message on a website, social sites, and other channels to find new customers.

A phone in hand showing the location and option to call on its screen.
Defining the set of marketing activites.

Together we will construct a roadmap of marketing activities to grow your business. Each step will involve learning and adjusting to your specific needs and capacity.

Working together as a part of your team.
You will be the Chief Marketing Officer – Interamark will be an advisor and execute on the roadmap with the goal of creating new customers.
Visual story to make your business unique.
We will synthesize the many messages that make your business unique and develop a visual story including imagery, graphics, and/or video to showcase your capabilities.
Create your unique message.

Your visual story can be delivered through your website, brochures, sales presentations, videos, webinars, and blogs for maximum impact.

Contact us to get started with great marketing, and gain new opportunities.


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