Targeted Campaigns


Get A Free Logo Assessment


Get A Free Logo Assessment

Inbound/Outbound approaches

Inbound/Outbound approaches for precise audiences

A alpyop screen showing diiferent marketing approaches used like CMS, CRM, SEO, PPC etc

Emails, content, visuals to support

Screenshot showing the insights for a sales campaign.


Emails, content, visuals to support multiple touch points





 Marketing automation

Marketing automation and lead-nurturing for continued lead generation


A screenshot showing the process of workflow automation.

Grow Your Business Beyond Word-of-Mouth

We provide everything from developing a visual story that highlights the unique capabilities of your business to delivering your message on a website, social sites, and other channels to find new customers.

A mbile screen showing a particular location on a map and an option to call.

What is Interactive Marketing?

Construct a roadmap of marketing activites.

Together we will construct a roadmap of marketing activities to grow your business. Each step will involve learning and adjusting to your specific needs and capacity.

Construct a roadmap of marketing activites.
You will be the Chief Marketing Officer – Interamark will be an advisor and execute on the roadmap with the goal of creating new customers.
Visual story to make your business unique.
We will synthesize the many messages that make your business unique and develop a visual story including imagery, graphics, and/or video to showcase your capabilities.
Create  your unique message.

Your visual story can be delivered through your website, brochures, sales presentations, videos, webinars, and blogs for maximum impact.

We are an extension of your team

We act as your marketing department and charge contract rates so you can get as much work done as possible for your budget.

A clipboard showing the set marketing activites.

Define the set of marketing activities

Defining a roadmap.

Define roadmap (timeline)

Executing a roadmap.

Execute on the roadmap at your pace

Contact us to get started with great marketing, and gain new opportunities.


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