Graphic Design and Creation


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Get A Free Logo Assessment

Elevate Your Visual Identity

Powerful and professional visuals communicate your messages. Interamark creates, edits, and maintains visual elements for your business which can be used in digital, and printed media. We can update your visual story as your business evolves, and build everything "in-brand" so that your visual story is clear, compelling, and professional.

Some of the elements we create:

  • Video
  • Brochures
  • Logo
  • Infographics and iconography
  • Business cards
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Website Template


Video Creation, Editing, and Enhancement



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Interamark can script, record, and produce short business videos that communicate compelling messages and drive engagement.
Video is an effective medium for prospects to learn about your business that is controlled, consistent, and can be monitored and measured. Introductory, overview, and sales videos can be used to shape the discussion for future sales activities.

Our videos typically include:

  • Video and audio editing
  • Music score
  • letter boxing
  • Transitions
  • Animated logo outro



Brochure Creation and Layout

Interamark provides professional layout services for digital and printed brochures. We combine stock, or custom images, graphical elements and text to produce a compelling, and professional document that clearly communicates your messages. All our work is in-brand and has a consistent look and feel. Interamark can maintain your document as your business evolves, so updates will be painless and inexpensive.


Logo Creation and Makeover


Interamark can create a logo for your business or update your existing logo to improve your brand. Your logo will include a brand ID of the colors and fonts used in your logo, and a  complementary color palette that can be used in websites, infographics, and other representations that require text in both light and dark colors.

We also provide alternative versions of your logo for presentation on backgrounds that contain the color of your logo, single color printing, favicons, transparent backgrounds, and other typical renderings for business use.

Infographics & Iconography

Interamark builds branded diagrams and artwork that deliver key messages and concepts. These graphical elements are foundational for your brand and can be used/reused during the buyer journey to illustrate your company's differentiators.

At Interamark we treat your visual story as a critical part of your messaging and identity. We like to build infographics that explain, what you do, how you do it, and the problem that you solve.

We maintain all of your visual elements as part of your brand ID, and can modify them as your business evolves.



Website Template Customization


Interamark designs, builds, and maintains webpages that are in-brand. We work within a websites template making sure that your pages are attractive on both mobile and desktops.

We create graphical elements and imagery such as CTAs, icons, and custom images to support a rich user experience.

Presentation Slides and Templates

Interamark can build a compelling presentation for your business that includes  a clear and well-organized narrative to get your message across.

For important slides we often build infographics that can be used as part of your foundational visual story to explain important aspects of your business.

A standardized template allows your personel to quickly create customized presentations that are in-brand, consistent, and professional. We can always help clean up difficult or time-consuming slides. 
Powerpoint is a powerful messaging platform for conveying and fostering discussion about any topic. We will help you narrate story so that it is compelling and easy to digest for viewers.


Grow Your Business Beyond Word-of-Mouth

We provide everything from developing a visual story that highlights the unique capabilities of your business to delivering your message on a website, social sites, and other channels to find new customers.


What is Interactive Marketing?


Together we will construct a roadmap of marketing activities to grow your business. Each step will involve learning and adjusting to your specific needs and capacity.

You will be the Chief Marketing Officer – Interamark will be an advisor and execute on the roadmap with the goal of creating new customers.
We will synthesize the many messages that make your business unique and develop a visual story including imagery, graphics, and/or video to showcase your capabilities.

Your visual story can be delivered through your website, brochures, sales presentations, videos, webinars, and blogs for maximum impact.

We are an extension of your team

We act as your marketing department and charge contract rates so you can get as much work done as possible for your budget.


Define the set of marketing activities


Define roadmap (timeline)


Execute on the roadmap at your pace

Contact us to get started with great marketing, and gain new opportunities.


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