Interactive Media


    Interactive Media  

    Interamark's interactive media solutions help you develop long-lasting relationships with customers. Whether adding innovative functionality that enriches the user experience with emails, newsletters, or PDF brochures, producing dynamic demonstrations that simulate live presentations, or evangelizing social media tactics that initiate direct consumer participation, we deliver meaningful experiences with your brand.

    No matter your objective, we can help you define the ideal vehicle for getting your story across at the right time. By fusing targeted content, adventurous creative, and relevant technologies, we can make sure that your interactive media ventures excite customers and sprout or nurture relationships.

    Presentations featuring narration and animation are powerful components in any interactive campaign, with the potential to reach customers through a vast spectrum of channels:

    • Your company website or blog
    • Emails from salespeople to customers
    • Trade shows and events
    • Social media networks

    Our most popular multimedia solution is PowerPitch:

    • PowerPitchBring your presentations to life through artful animation, conversational voice-over, and well-polished scripting. 
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    Check out our Portfolio to see samples of our Interactive Media solutions.