Exclusive PowerPitch 

    Interamark’s PowerPitch suite is an industry-first solution, aimed at conveying a consistent message from marketing to sales, and from sales to your customers.

    Traditional marketing asks a lot from its audience. For example, PowerPoint presentations are often posted to websites as a way to share information with customers, but they are unable to deliver the whole story. Customers must interpret slide content and formulate their own take-home message. PowerPitch transcends traditional presentation delivery, by providing:

    • Targeted, polished script featuring subject matter/field expertise
    • Compelling, professional-quality narration
    • Context-sensitive sales and presentation tips with each slide
    • Extensive file format support
    • Intuitive navigation

    With PowerPitch, you can cost-effectively transform everyday presentations into powerful, instructional Flash videos that significantly promote learning and retention of material. Watch this video to learn more about PowerPitch and how it can help you.

    PowerPitch Express
    The ideal tool to inspire action. Targeted, informative, and affordable, PowerPitch Express provides your customers with a quick overview of your products, solutions, and services. By condensing the overall message of your presentation into a compelling and succinct summary, PowerPitch Express entices customers to respond to your call to action.

    PowerPitch Learn
    A captivating, innovative way to deliver your message. Designed to be used by sales personnel and customers, PowerPitch Learn improves the relevance, availability, and user experience of your presentation. Superior, customized graphics sustain attention while the accompanying narrated script, attuned to customer challenges and objectives, provokes learning. Sales personnel benefit, too, as they develop product/program knowledge and familiarize themselves with an incisive script.

    PowerPitch Sell
    An enhanced version of PowerPitch Learn that gives salespeople the tools they need to advance your marketing message. By empowering presenters with important detailed information about presentation content and style, including vocal points of emphasis, PowerPitch Sell builds confidence. Each presentation contains valuable, context-sensitive speaker tips and sales information and embedded speaker's notes. The result is a motivated, informed sales staff that needs a lesser degree of hands-on training to generate leads and close deals.


    PowerPitch Case Studies
    Since many of our customers have benefited from our innovative PowerPitch solution, we’ve expanded to include case studies.

    Case studies are an important part of any successful marketing package. Traditionally, case studies are available either in printed or video form. Printed materials provide control of the message to ensure that it meets your marketing objectives, and they are inexpensive. Unfortunately, they are not interactive, something customers have come to expect, and only offer a limited range of design flexibility. Videos, while interactive, do not provide complete control over your message, and interlacing complex visuals with video footage can be difficult and distracting to the viewer. Video is also expensive.

    PowerPitch Case Studies offer complete control over the message and the interactive experiences your customers have come to expect—without being cost-prohibitive.

    Check out our Portfolio to see samples of our PowerPitch solutions.