Take your presentations to the next level. From graphic design to outlining and content development, we provide a full range of services for presentations.

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    Regardless of the type of presentation work you need, Interamark has a solution that can help

    Basic Clean Up

    Our basic clean up services provide an easy way to get more value from your existing presentations with updated and improved graphics, along with a copy review and clean up for consistency.

    Presentation Makeover

    When your presentation needs a little more help, we'll review and clean up the copy and graphics, and aid with the presentation flow while helping develop and define the overall message.

    Full Presentation Support

    For more in-depth support, we'll help with every aspect of presentation design, from strategic brainstorming to copywriting and production. We'll make your message resonate with stunning visuals.

    Executive Communications

    We provide professional executive presentations with succinct copy and syntax appropriate for business meetings and graphics and imagery that support and clarify your main points.

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    PowerPoint Experts Blog

    Six Reasons Business Presentations Fail

    by Reza Almaneih Dec 3, 2015

    Not all presentations accomplish their intended result. With all the work that goes into crafting presentations, when something things go awry, it invariably leaves us scratching our heads. What is it that makes presentations fall flat?

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    Powerful Presentations Use Less Words

    by Hunter Hays Nov 16, 2015

    One of the biggest temptations when building powerpoints is to jam all your thoughts on screen without choosing your words carefully. This can be fatal for a presentation though, because slides with too many words are eye-sores.

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    How to Make Visually Engaging PowerPoints

    by Hunter Hays Oct 22, 2015

    There's no doubt that a well-designed presentation can increase audience engagement and lead to higher information retention. But the question is, how do you draw attention to your topic without distracting (or boring) your audience to death? 

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